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Inforgraphic: Five Must Know Safety Tips For Every Drone Pilot

Safety should be of the utmost importance to every drone operator. Below are 5 quick tips to always keep in mind. Check out the infographic at the end for easy reference.

1. Stay away from me.

While this is self-explanatory, it isn’t something to be joked around with. Never fly your drone near any living being. This includes humans and animals.

2. Check that weather.

The desire to go out and experience the adrenaline which comes with flying our drones can often get the best of us. Check the weather forecast, take a look outside, and make an educated decision whether you should fly or not. If there are chances of the weather going bad, then it’s best to wait even if it seems OK outside right now.

3. Turn it off.

Before you go on to turning off the controller or removing batteries, make sure the drone’s motor is powered off.

4. Where did it fly away to?

Remove your drone’s rotors and it can’t go anywhere even if it tries (unless it grows legs). Albeit a bit inconvenient, this is a best practice that can prevent a lot of accidents and losses.

5. These batteries are no joke.

The most commonly used batteries in UAVs are LiPo (Lithium Polymer). These batteries are serious business and can have not-so-good consequences if instructions aren’t followed when handling them. Make sure you are following instructions for recharging these batteries.

Infogrpahic: Five Must Know Safety Tips for Every Drone Pilot

Infogrpahic: Five Must Know Safety Tips for Every Drone Pilot

Now that you know how to be safe, you can happily get to flying. But before that, you need to know these 7 essential checks before flying your drone.